Recipe - Chinese Style Omelette

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We have chooks. Needless to say there are time of the year when we are awash in eggs, and a great way to use them is with a Chinese Style omelette. I do call it Chinese style because I am no chef, but I do sort things out so they work for me, so apologies to anybody who really knows about this stuff!

Dinner is on!

We generally do the vegetarian style, but there is no reason why you couldn’t throw in some meat if you have a mind to. Where possible we only use the stuff we are growing, but it can be nice to throw some other bits in as well.


5 eggs per person (I like my omelettes eggy!)
1 cups sliced veggies per person (usually includes include onions or shallots, the a mix of what is available including carrot, celery, peas, beans, corn niblets, bok choi etc.)
1 cup per person - Stuff to hold things together*

*When making Chinese style omelettes I find it is great to have something long and stringy to hold them together and traditionally we have used either cabbage or bean sprouts. Lately, however we have been using other leafy greens like kale and/or silver beet, sliced lengthways or even wild greens such as dandelion or sow thistle. These perform the same function as the cabbage or bean sprouts but make it easier to make omelettes when the garden is not producing cabbage and I forgot to put the sprouts on the week before!

Charn wok tool


1. Throw in the eggs and then whip them up a bit so that they are somewhat homogenous.
2. Throw in everything else and stir it round until mixed.
3. Heat up the wok, we use a mild steel traditional style wok and use the gas wok ring, cook top on our woodburning heater or rocket stove as appropriate.
4. Add a couple of tablespoons of oil to the wok and get it nice and hot.
5. Pour half of the mixture into the wok (obviously if you want more, but smaller omelettes, don’t pour in as much).
6. Let that sizzle for a while, using a charn (the tool you use with a wok that looks like a shovel, this is easiest if you have two) lift the edge to keep an eye on the bottom, that it isn’t burning.
7. Insert one charn under each edge and flip the omelette over without throwing stuff everywhere. (it comes with a bit of practice).
8. Push down on the top to force out any uncooked egg into contact with the hot wok surface. You may need to do this a few times and may need to flip once or twice more.
9. When cooked, plate up, cover in sauce and serve!


I really like the sauce so for us I would double up on this amount for us, but you might want to start out with a bit less!

1 cup water
1 stock cube
2 dessertspoons of soy sauce
1 teaspoon sugar
1 heaped teaspoon of cornflour dispersed in a bit of water

Place stock cube, soy sauce and sugar in the water, heat and dissolve, pre-disperse corn flour in the bit of water, add to sauce, boil to thicken and serve.

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