Man, I feel like I am not Doing Anything!

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I get opportunities to do some pretty great stuff, and recently I was invited to attend a pre-launch party of a new Permaculture book (yes, it was the one in the ad – see below) down in Central Victoria. There were some heavyweights in the sustainability/permaculture arena attending and there was discussion of some of the wonderful things that they had been up to.

That was great, and my first thought was to cheer their successes, but the second thought was well, what am I doing? These people are working on all of this great stuff and when I look at it I think – “Man, I feel like I’m not doing anything”!

That’s the thing I suppose, and I don’t know if your journey is like mine, but I do compare myself to others working in the same field. It might be just visiting someone else’s garden, talking about another person’s projects or listening to speeches from permaculture icons. For good or ill I compare my efforts with theirs and become dissatisfied.

While I was down at the party, I talked with an internet friend who had come along (and was also doing some really great stuff with transition streets and other work) and confided to her my concern. Her response was to challenge me! She suggested that I write what is effectively a resume and then put it on this website. I told her I would and this is the result.

I do say that if you are anything like me and tend to be a bit down on yourself – do it too! Write your life resume and identify your achievements, it will be something for you to celebrate, look back on and add to as the years roll on. I found it quite educative, maybe I am doing something!

Oh, and if you want to see what I came up with, you can find it here (what I am doing).

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