The To-do List

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This is a list of projects that I have planned for the next couple of years, I will be updating it every-so-often, when one gets completed, or another one goes on the list!

General Operation

  • Measure better – look at what we buy, can we make it, substitute with something else or buy in bulk. Record what we produce.
  • Reinstitute a weekly time planner
  • Develop other supporting documentation for choko tree farm
  • Install home based weather station


  • Look at feasibility of growing at least some chook food/quail food
  • Install a mushroom growing set-up (Priority)
  • Focus on seed saving (work in progress)
  • Develop a plan for perennial veggies/useful plants under the fruit tree circle, in the citrus area and in the hedgerow. (Work in progress)
  • Install tropical roof on retirement village and worm shed
  • Build microbat roosts from scratch
  • Install lemon myrtle tree
  • Mint bed behind carport rainwater tank
  • Install lemon and mandarin tree east of small fruit bed in front yard
  • Improve produtivity of space north of machinery shed (remove dead potato pots)
  • Develop off site food production - tomatoes or sunflower/beans/wheat complex
  • Install grape on back deck
  • Concentrate on greens/wild greens growing and eating
  • Preserve this years tomato sauce and chopped tomatoes
  • Install native garden area for insectary/bird attracting


  • Build a drywell at tank discharge off the back of the garage
  • Design and install rain garden in front yard
  • Install narrow water tanks in front of garage
  • Complete installation of ollas using plant pots for remaining beds
  • Obtain and set up access for water in side tank
  • Clean out gutters and install gutter guards
  • Develop, construct and install fence tanks
  • Investigate underfloor water storage bladder
  • Install tank gauges on two main tanks


  • Re-cover parabolic solar cooker with mirrors or CDs
  • Trial use of bubblewrap as window insulation
  • Install cool cupboard in kitchen
  • Research options for active solar heating and cooling
  • Commit to using solar cookers more
  • Make and use washing dolly for small scale loads
  • Develop under-the-house cooling air flow
  • Review options for ventilation in kitchen/dining area
  • Develop cool retreat in Lounge, Dining Kitchen - new door, more roof insulation and window insulation
  • Review super-efficient air conditioners
  • Complete off grid energy system


  • Bees  (cooperative)
  • Native bee hive in back yard
  • Develp and install quail keeping set up. (in process)


  • Re-Commit to driving car more sustainably
  • Refurbish electric bike

Craft & Mechanical etc

  • Set up potters area
  • Set up blacksmith area in garage (partial)
  • Install flue over forge
  • Review garage space


  • Street barbecue
  • Introduce teaching space into the garage
  • Install street library
  • Install community bench


  • Design and build a recycled shed where the back shed was


  • Reinstitute a TV free night,
  • Commit to turning TV off unless there is a program on we specifically want to watch
  • Institute a “learn a new skill” night
  • Commit to sewing more of own clothes
  • Review recipes and introduce new recipes to take advantage of home grown vegetables
  • Institute program to regularly read books on the "to read" list


Last major review 24 November 2016

Last update 16 June 2017



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